Like the Biblical character Lazarus who was resurrected by Jesus Christ, Premiere Jeweller practically “rose from the dead” and celebrated her umpteenth [ 86th? ] birthday in characteristically grand style at her palatial North Forbes Park residence…

A few days before, the three caterers contracted for the event presented their sample menus to her…  She had a stellar reputation to uphold:  her Table boasted the Best of Everything in a neighborhood where Everyone was the best of everyone else…

“Ano yan???!!!”  She screeched.

“Ano yang mga walang-katapusang salad na yan???  At ano naman ang akala niyo sa mga bisita ko… mga kambing???!!!”


Also a few days before, the high society florist contracted by her children, currently the most fashionable one in town, presented their proposals of floral arrangements to her…

“Ano yan???!!!”  She screeched.

“Cactus???!!!  At ano naman ang akala niyo sa bahay ko… desierto???!!!”

“Eh ano kung “Magnolia” yang mga yan???  Mukha silang mga ***** ng baka!!!”

“Nakuuuuu… mga halamang pang-mahirap, mga halaman sa tabi-tabi ng zigzag!!!”

“Gusto ko yung mga bulaklak sa mga royal weddings abroad…  mga malalaki at mahahabang orchids… hindi yang mga baging-gubat na mga yan!!!”



During the height of the Marcos Era, when the Blue Ladies of Madame Marcos were all influential, anything and everything they wanted could be done…

Premiere Jeweller and Grand Manila Heiress attended an elegant jewelry exhibit opening at a top hotel but they did not like the “contemporary” cocktail spread, so off they went…  to the hotel’s European fine dining restaurant, then Manila’s most beautiful and most elegant “high society” restaurant.

“All of a sudden, I have a craving for ‘Sweet & Sour Pork’… ”  Grand Manila Heiress admitted to Premiere Jeweller.

“Well, we will make them cook ‘Sweet & Sour Pork’ for us!!!”  insisted Premiere Jeweller. 

At a European fine dining restaurant???

“You know, I also have a craving for ‘Chicharon,’ for ‘Chicharong may Laman’!!!”  admitted Grand Manila Heiress.

“Sounds good!!!  You know, Tony Flo*rendo [ Davao’s richest industrialist ] has the best “Chicharong may Laman’!!!”  suggested Premiere Jeweller.

Grand Manila Heiress summoned her secretary:  “Call Mr. Tony Flo*rendo [ Davao’s richest industrialist ] and tell him to please send more ‘Chicharong may laman’ and’ plain Chicharon’ to Mrs. C******** and Mrs. O***** here…  as soon as possible!!!”

At a European fine dining restaurant???

“They wouldn’t have ‘Mangga at Bagoong’ here, would they… ???”  whispered Grand Manila Heiress. 

*LOLSZ!!!*   😛   😛   😛

Beautiful, Bucolic Bohol

The bucolic island of Bohol is Old Philippines at its best.

Reserved Requiem

Already on her fourth week in the Makati Medical Center ICU, the Dowager Empress is on a respirator but conscious.  She even requests to watch certain things on the telly.  Her whole family has been keeping watch on her most lovingly but her medical status is unstable and anything can happen.  There are two aneurysms in the aorta of her heart which are unfortunately inoperable.

Meanwhile, Manila Society is on tethers on what could be the most social funeral this year 2009 following in the heels of former Senator Maria Paz “Pacita” Paterno Madrigal-Gonzalez in September 2008 and the latter’s younger and far more glamorous sister Consuelo “Chito” Paterno Madrigal-Collantes in March 2008.  An ineffably grand Funeral Mass [ reminiscent of “Operation Teabridge” the Queen Mother’s 2002 Last Rites ] concelebrated by 100 bishops and priests with grand choirs and symphony orchestras at the Manila Cathedral is being planned.  The Grand Ladies — the genuine and the merely delusional — are planning their most suitably somber ensembles with the correspondingly spectacular jewelry;  the Gentlemen know that they will have to escort their ladies.

And She hasn’t even passed away yet…



SHE IS WELL AGAIN.  In fact, there was a Thanksgiving Mass offered for her recovery at Santuario de San Antonio.  

Put away all the black silk gazar mourning dresses and the 17 mm. black pearls and the black diamonds… ditto the Nancy Gonzalez crocodile bags and the black Manolo Blahnik heels…

Christian Gentlemen

Last night, I attended the 25th anniversary of my La Salle Greenhills High School Batch 1984.  It coincided with the 50th anniversary of the school and it was a very big and very successful event with a record ++ 1,700 alumni attendees thanks to the stalwart leadership of several former batchmates and classmates, all outstanding achievers in their chosen fields. 

It was absolutely wonderful to see my former classmates and batchmates from H.S. ’84.  Yes, it had been that long!!!  At about 42 years old, some born in 1966 the Year of the Fire Horse and in 1967 the Year of the Sheep, many were still bravely holding on to their youthful looks, but several of them already showed the stress and difficulties of the many years past.  Personality-wise, Nobody had changed and it was great!!!  Several were stellar successes, a great number were successful professionals, some were laidback sportsmen.  Everyone last night was just so glad to see Everybody Else.    

We may have mellowed down the last 25 years, but in its time Batch ’84 had many provocative characters and caused the school administrators more than a few headaches.  We occasionally spelled T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  While there was no lack of stellar academic achievers, nor outstanding athletes, there was a distinct abundance of stimulating, exciting, and unpredictable individuals [ the Chinese would refer to the 1966 Fire Horse influence ].   We had a truly heady mix of “astig” macho hard drinkers [ during school hours  😛 ], car enthusiasts, drag racers, wild boys, truants, young Lotharios / “pablings” / “chick boys,” Polo Club boys, wheeler dealers, budding entrepreneurs, artists, eccentrics, “fashionistas” [ way before the term ], punk rock guitarists,  preppies, soul searchers… the whole gamut!!!  

In an effort to stir up conversation, I started to take an informal poll…

“Married already, of course?!”


“No.  Still single.  Still enjoying!!!”

“How many children do you have?”



“Just one.”

And I would ask:  “And you’re on your… nth wife?”  And since it was already the year 2009, I fully expected a range of first wives, second wives, third wives, mistresses, partners,  sex buddies, in-between entertainments, one night stands, fatal attractions, disclosures, indecent proposals, 9 1/2 weeks, basic instincts, etc., etc., etc..

Unexpectedly, the answers, despite all the liquor, were…

“No, I’m still with my first one.  She’ll always be the one.”

“Nooo, only one for me.  Thank you.”

“Oh, the first one.  She’s the only one for me.”

A grinning former classmate explained:  “You know, Toto, we’re the last holdover of the traditional values.  Yes, we were ‘wild’ in those days but the Christian values somehow became ingrained.  Really did.”


MAKES ME PROUD.  So we’re not bad, Batch ’84.  Not bad at all.   🙂   🙂   🙂

Gilded Lives

Wealth.  Envy Not.