The Best Blog Posts

I consider these posts the best of this blog because of their serious contents as well as the intelligent comments they engendered:

“The Wars of Inheritance”

The best line:  “Php 26 million???  That’s not even her bathroom!!!”  ( from a niece about the estate of her aunt Consuelo Alejandra “Chito” Paterno Madrigal-Vazquez-Collantes )

“Susie and the Banshees”

The best line:  “All that trouble for just two and a half million dollars???  Peanuts…”  ( from the 7 Madrigal-Paterno children about the Gloria Vanderbilt custody case )

“The Families of Old Binondo”

“Conversations about:  Simon Flores y de la Rosa, 1839 – 1904, painter”

“The Families of Old Binan, Laguna”

“Japanese Time”

“The Grand Lady of Jaro”

“To the Sugarcane Born:  the Lopezes of Iloilo”

“Memorable Manila Houses”

“The Quiapo of Old”

“Mata Pobre”

“Old Spanish Manila”

“Sarrat, Ilocos Norte 1983”

“Life in Paniqui”

“Bacolor, Pampanga before 1991”

“Jorge Jose Leoncio Lichauco de Leon, the aristocratic gentleman of the old world”

“Lola Gely Lopez, the cosmopolitan grande dame”

Happy reading!!!

Toto Gonzalez


  1. April 3, 2015 at 12:31 pm

    Dear Toto

    I have been reading the blogs with interest. I was also born in the Philippines as Maria Victoria Ruiz Garcia and a Spanish descendent of prominent families on both my mother and father’s side. My father has done a lot of research and spent years compiling our family tree. I am looking for more information to extend beyond where he has reached. I am also looking for more information on my mother’s side of the tree, for which I have only a little information. On my father’s side, the family lines I am searching through are Ruiz, Rosado, Opisso, Ycaza, etc. We know there is a pirate whose daughter married a Rosado, so we are very interested in finding him. On my mother’s side, I am searching for Garcia, Ramirez de Arrellano, Sanz and I think there is also a Gonzalez, but I have to check my family tree, which I don’t have with me while I am in Sydney.

    Once I get all of my material together, I would also like to post some information for anyone who is interested, as well as collect information on my ancestors.

    However, I don’t know where I am supposed to leave my comments, as I am unable to leave comments where all the blogs are. I also don’t know how you have sorted the blogs, because I noticed that the most recent blog is assigned the number one, while the oldest blog is assigned the highest number, which I do not understand, since the most recent blog would add to the count. I also don’t understand what you mean by the difference between blogging here and the “Other Blogs” as you have stated in the beginning. Is this referring to the blogs being hosted by you and Paquito Dela Cruz?

    Anyway, if you wish to contact me, I can best be reached by my regular email at “ I do not understand why I had to create yet another account, vickydiamond2015, see below by

    I sure hope to hear from you, as I am new to this site, having only discovered it today.

  2. ninoalmendra said,

    April 28, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    You have a really nice acticles here! I am from Binan, Laguna and love your post about the Old Families of Binan, Laguna. Thanks for sharing it.
    Just one question, where can I find your About page?

    All the best and more power to your blog,
    Nino Almendra

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