Ereje y filibustero

Dialogue between Lady Gaga and Beyonce Knowles in the “Telephone” music video:

Lady Gaga:  “Sure you wanna do this, honey bee?”

Beyonce:  “What do you mean, am I sure?”

Lady Gaga:  “You know what they say:  Once you kill the cow, you gotta make a burger.”


In a week of turbulent events, the popular artist Carlos Celdran’s grand gesture of interrupting a holy mass at the Manila Cathedral dressed as the national hero Jose Rizal holding up a placard saying “Damaso” — in protest against the Philippine Catholic church’s vociferous condemnation of the government’s reproductive health program — and his subsequent arrest and incarceration today has gained incredible momentum worldwide because of social media and has certainly eclipsed the erstwhile controversial news of President Aquino’s threatened “excommunication” and even the terrible grenade bombing of law students outside the De La Salle University last Sunday.


Well Carlos, now that you killed the cow, you gotta make the burger.   🙂   🙂   🙂

Too fast

I thought the year 2009 went fast, but this year 2010 is passing like a wink without my even knowing it.

Looking back, the first five months of 2010 were all about the national elections.  Everyone was excited to see their presidential candidate of choice — Noynoy Aquino, Manny Villar, Joseph Estrada, Gibo Teodoro, Richard Gordon, Eddie Villanueva, et. al. — win the election.  Noynoy Aquino’s winning the presidency was not exactly a surprise, but Jejomar Binay’s winning the vice-presidency left a lot of people tongue-tied;  actually, those in the know knew that Binay had planned his ascent to the highest office for the longest time, years and years, with a silent but effective strategy of political networking from the grassroots level nationwide all the way to the top power brokers in government.  I could not believe, indeed was shocked, that Mar Roxas did not win the vice-presidency;  many people said that his ill-timed marriage to the unpopular TV executive Korina Sanchez brought him sheer bad luck in the elections.  Poor Korina Sanchez, perceived by the poor as “mataray at matapobre” and perceived by the rich as “Marie Antoinette.”  She should have hired a top public relations firm to sweeten her image.

Then there was the Quirino grandstand hostage crisis which became a grand embarrassment for the country…  The authorities had grossly underestimated the damage that the “Terminator from Batangas” could inflict on the hapless Hong Kong Chinese tourists trapped inside the bus.  The authorities were accused of having a nice lauriat lunch while the hostage crisis was ongoing at the “Emerald Garden” Chinese restaurant along Roxas Boulevard.  There was so much fuss, even outrage, about it that some friends and I were sufficiently intrigued to want to eat at the “Emerald Garden” ourselves.  Yes, the food was good.

Recently, we marked the first anniversary of the extremely destructive typhoon “Ondoy” which, with its nonstop rains, wrought incredible flooding and havoc to Metro Manila.  The night before, my dear friend Gino Gonzales the production designer had hosted his [ birthday ] dinner for Tats Manahan and I at “El Cirkulo” along Arnaiz avenue in Makati.  Malu and Jay Gamboa joined us briefly.  The food was yummy.  Malu G. invited us for a nightcap at the “Establishment” bar at the Fort but we three were tired from the long day and wished to go home.  It was already raining cats and dogs as we left the restaurant at around 11:00 p.m..  I thought, correctly, that Manila’s low-lying areas like Espana avenue and Sampaloc, and environs like Marikina and Cainta, were already flooded.

To my complete surprise [ as the house is on high ground ], I had my very own version of “2012” the movie the next morning at 11:00 a.m….

And as of 01 September 2010, Christmas carols started playing in the air waves, signaling the start of the longest Christmas season in the whole wide world…

My late mother used to say:  “Life is only slow until you’re 20 years old.  From 20 to 40 you’re working so it goes faster.  From 40 to 60 it’s only a wink… and before you know it, well, you’re…”

Nice problem to have

I came from a long lauriat lunch at the “Li Li” Chinese restaurant of the Hyatt hotel and casino in Manila.  It was the birthday celebration of a Pampango gentleman known for the elegance of his lifestyle, the excellence and profligacy of his table, and his largesse to family and friends, and as always, there was an interesting mixed bag gathering of Old and New Pampanga…

I was seated at one round table with an elegant and pretty Pampanguena lady descended, as is sometimes the case, from four still-rich old families.  In true Pampanguena tradition, she was a very good manager of her inherited fortunes.  From her enterprising and affluent parents, she had inherited several profitable companies, a slew of Manila real estate, both commercial and residential, several large USD $$$ placements in New York, and as sentimental tokens, several SDBs safety deposit boxes brimming with important jewelry, mostly diamonds.  She didn’t even pay attention to her considerable properties in Pampanga, which she said were “a pain in the neck” — a bother to manage and control.  On her own, she had invested in big, profitable corporations, purchased real estate in New York, London, Paris, and Madrid, and as a hobby, continued to purchase important jewelry at auctions and jewelry galas the world over.  And as a pleasant addition to her various assets, she had married a highly successful, not to mention uberrich, businessman.

But despite her very considerable resources, she still had various problems.  Like all very rich people, she was constantly worrying about her companies, properties, her placements, and all her other assets…

With genuine puzzlement, she blurted out:  ‘THE PROBLEM IS:  WHERE DO WE PUT THE MONEY???”

I paused and gave her amusing question a thought…  And since I didn’t have an answer anyway, I continued chewing on the Peking duck…

She reminded me of the famous American heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post [ Post Cereals ], who, decades ago, famously said:  “I do have problems.  But they’re nice problems to have.”   😛   😛   😛