CURRENT EVENTS MANILA July – December 2009

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  1. Enrique Bustos said,

    December 26, 2009 at 7:23 am

    Enrique Bustos said,

    December 26, 2009 at 7:23 am · Edit

    I have seen the Tupaz Mansion on EDSA the huge Portraits of Jose & Petronila Tupaz was painted by National Artist Botong Francisco, I believe Botong Francisco Painted a few Portraits only to a chosen few the other one that i know is the portrait of Former Education Sec Anding Roces,one of their Botong Francisco Painting i think the title was Sanduguan were the Tupaz Family Modeled for Botong Francisco Jose Tupaz as Rajah Sikatuna Petronila as the wife of Sikatuna and one of their Daughters entertaining Ferdinand Magellan by the beach,the Painting caught the Fancy of Former First Lady Imelda Marcos and offered to buy the Painting Jose Tupaz was then forced to the sell the Painting

    Petronila Tupaz was the daughter of Justo Cabochan then one of the biggest rice traders of Nueva Ecija he owned large tracts of lands and a rice mill in the Province Justo, who was half-Chinese, half Filipino-Spanish, found himself in China, working side by side with Chiang Kai Shek in the Kuomintang party, in another war for freedom. The generalissimo referred to him as his “alter-ego from a copy of a magazine that featured Chiang Kai Shek’s photograph a son Carlos Cabochan, who was a student in China then, was massacred by the Chinese communists, with his body sliced into pieces.
    Chiang Kai Shek gave Justo a cane which was passed on to his family it was a rod of friendship between two great souls who fought for freedom.
    After World War II and as ever, Justo loved to be with people. And people loved to line up for his philanthropy. even on his deathbed, Justo was issuing a check for his charitable causes too much of a messianic complex for one man who had an arterially enormous family.Justo was a friend of a man who used to peddle a noodle concoction on the streets of old Manila. The man carried his goods strapped on his shoulder. This peddler also fabricated his own slippers from rubber and metal wire. He eventually became a noodle magnate who often graced gatherings hosted by Justo, entertaining guests by juggling stainless steel sandoks and giving out coupons that said free two dozen siopaos, free one kaldero of mami, ‘including the kaldero,’ ‘free one big can of cooking oil.’ The name of Justo’s friend was Ma Mon Luk. When Ma Mon Luk was alive, he had meal passes that entitled them to partake of Ma Mon Luk fare courtesy of Mr. Ma.

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