Purging and Bingeing

Insouciant Heiress and her three friends spent three days at a well – known “wellness spa” in Lipa, Batangas to “detoxify” themselves…

And so, after three days of really “clean living” that cost them tidy sums, the four heiresses were ready to return to the toxicity of city living…

But at the turn of the highway in Santo Tomas, Batangas, Insouciant Heiress turned to her three friends at the back of the Land Rover, made a naughty look, flashed her wicked smile, and blurted out:  “I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU GIRLS… BUT I’M GOING TO ‘ROS* & G*ACE’ AND I’M EATING ‘BULALO’!!!”

And the three agreed in succession…

“I WANT ‘CRISPY PATA’!!!”  squealed the first friend.

The second friend gurgled:  “ME, ‘LECHON KAWALI’!!!”

“I’M DYING FOR ‘KARE-KARE’!!!”  drooled the fourth.

“YYYUUUMMMEEE!!!”  giggled the four heiresses simultaneously.

So they made a quick left turn to one of those famous “bulalo” joints along the Batangas highway…

So much for “detoxification”!!!  Bwahahahahah!!!   😛   😛   😛


Another funny story was when Insouciant Heiress was at the “wellness spa” again, the next time against her will.  She had to accompany some colleagues as she was the president of their organization.  She looked up to the sky in sheer boredom as she did her exercises:  One, two, three, ack!  One, two, three, eck!  One, two, three, ick! …  It did not help that she espied boxes of “McDonald’s,”  “Jollibee,”  “KFC,”  “Krispy Kreme,” etc. in the trash bins and behind the hedges surrounding the villas.  The more she looked up to the sky…

She was having an impossibly healthy lunch in the dining area when a familiar chopper noisily whirred in… Her aunt accompanied by her first cousin — Grand Manila Heiress and Politician Heiress — swept in to have a look at this latest “healthy” diversion of Manila’s chichi set…

Grand Manila Heiress took one look at the strictly vegetarian menu offerings and frowned…  “I am NOT a rabbit!!!”  She flatly declared to her niece Politician Heiress and to anybody who cared to listen.  She nudged her assistant to rush back to the chopper which was supposed to leave them at the “wellness spa” for the weekend and prevent it from leaving as she would immediately board it again… back to Makati!!!

*LOLSZ!!!*   😛   😛   😛


At a big family reunion of Grand Manila Heiress’ maternal side, the latter’s mother did not only belong to the usual one branch of the family, nor two, nor even three, but to an incredible four branches!!!  That was because there were several intermarriages between first cousins in previous, successive generations.  Therefore, Grand Manila Heiress’s family were each wearing 4 ribbons of different colors.

Grand Manila Heiress and her niece Insouciant Heiress studied the great big family tree on display.  For the first time in their lives, they clearly saw the several intermarriages of their ancestors that led up to their present line…

Wondering aloud, Grand Manila Heiress quipped dryly:  “No wonder our family is a bunch of kooks and krazies, and asthmatics to boot!!!”

Hahahah!!!  What did she think???!!!


To cap all the talk about “wellness,” Insouciant Heiress remembered the time when her aunt, Grand Manila Heiress, was diagnosed with emphysema.  The serious medical condition was attributed to the latter’s [ occasional ] cigarette smoking…

Grand Manila Heiress declared:  “I never really enjoyed smoking.  It just… looooooked gooooood!!!”  and proceeded to recall her fashion shoots wearing fabulous dresses by Manila’s top couturiers — Ramon Valera, Salvacion Lim-Higgins, et. al.  — with her right hand usually holding a long tar guard with the ubiquitous cigarette.

*LOLSZ!!!*   😛   😛   😛


Reunion runs

We are having clan reunions left and right and it is becoming quite maddening… specially if one [ like I ] belongs to several!!!

According to the Western astrologers, in recent years there has been a “planetary alignment” of some sort in the universe which is causing people to gather in family / clan reunions.  I don’t take planetary alignments seriously but it must serve as an explanation to all these ever-increasing family and clan reunions… !!!

Last November 2008, the Hizon-Singian clan of San Fernando, Pampanga had its bi-annual reunion at the residence of Pilar “Piluchi” Luciano Ocampo-Fernandez at the old Fernandez [ Fernandez de “Compania Maritima” ] compound in San Juan.

Last 13 December 2008, a Saturday, the Cacnio family of Apalit, Pampanga celebrated the 80th birthday of their doyenne, Esther Mercado Cacnio-Atienza, with a joyous clan reunion.  They were so generous to invite their Gonzalez, Arnedo, Espiritu, and Mercado relations as well.  It was amazing to see a senior relative, former Quezon City mayor Adelina Santos-Rodriguez “Imang Daling” still so attractive and fit even in her 80s!!!

On 14 December 2008, a Sunday, the descendants of Augusto Diosdado Sioco Gonzalez [ 1887 – 1939 ] of Sulipan, Apalit, Pampanga gathered to celebrate the 90th birthday of his only surviving daughter, Natividad “Naty” B Gonzalez-Palanca [ born 14 December 1918 ].  The holy mass was celebrated by [ Cubao ] Bishop Honesto Ongtioco, D.D. and her second cousin, Bishop Federico “Freddie” Escaler.  Tita Naty was a senior Gonzalez family member beloved for her kindness, uprightness, and generosity and was revered, but most importantly loved, by the whole family.  It was a wonderful occasion with an almost complete attendance by that particular branch of the “Gonzalez de Sulipan” clan.

The Ongsiako and the de Santos clans had a reunion in Makati.

On 11 January 2009, the Coronel clan of Santa Rita, Pampanga [ cousins of the Valdes de Pampanga clan;  the clan owns the classic prewar house where the tearjerker classic “Tanging Yaman” was filmed ] had their reunion 2009.

Last Sunday, 18 January 2009, we had the annual “Valdes de Pampanga” Clan reunion  [ as differentiated from the ValdeS [ with an “s” ] de Manila of the Tuason- Legarda-Prieto-Valdes clan and the ValdeZ with a “z” clan from Ilocos Norte ].  We did have some pretty Spanish mestiza members of the Valdes de Manila clan because it’s slowly turning out that there are actually blood relations between the two Valdes with an “s” clans.  The Valdes de Pampanga clan has _____ branches:  the Ignacio Valdes [ yellow group ] — the Camilo Quiasons, the Edgardo Yaps, and the Sergio Naguiats;  [ blue group ] the Armand Fabellas, the Bates, the Africa Reynosos, and the Ely Narcisos;  [ red group ] the Guanzons, the Florencia Coronels, and the Lita Lilleses; and the Roman Valdes [ green group;  Valdes de Bacolor, Pampanga ] the Carlos J. Valdeses, the Erlinda Gonzalez-Rodriguezes, and the Raquel Gonzalez-de Leons.  It was held at the new gym of the Fabellas’ Jose Rizal University “JRU” along Shaw Boulevard.  We honored our Valdes relatives who had passed away in the past year 2008:  Remedios “Remy” Valdes-Panlilio, Carlos “Charlie” J. Valdes, Armand V. Fabella, Milagros ___, and Mandy ____.  There was a nice lunch followed by a great set of games conducted by Justa Yap Bautista and Martin Reynoso which got everybody going!!!  It was completely easygoing and needless to say was a lot of fun!!!

On Sunday, 25 January 2009, there will be the annual “Rodriguez de Bacolor” reunion.  It will be held in a Sibal building in Quezon City.  I received the reunion menu of homestyle Kapampangan dishes by text from R cousins Evelyn Dayrit Rodriguez and Vita Rodriguez-Laki and it sounds really good!!!

(On 28 February 2009, Saturday, there will be a “Gonzalez de Sulipan” / “Gonzalez de Baliuag” [ descendants of Fray Fausto Lopez, O.S.A. and Maria Amparo “Mariquita” Gonzalez y de los Angeles ] reunion on the occasion of the 69th birth anniversary of Brother Andrew Gonzalez, F.S.C. at Gene Gonzalez’s “Cafe Ysabel,” # 455 P Guevarra Street, San Juan.  It is being organized by the Dr Virgilio Sioco Gonzalez branch of the clan [ the Cebu branch ], and that means Arch. Jackie Gonzalez Cancio – Vega, Charo Gonzalez Cancio – Yujuico, Dr. Vicki Gonzalez Belo, David Gonzalez de Padua, Dr. Donna Gonzalez de Padua, et. al..  Entrance fee is Php 1,500.00/xx per person so that the food will be “suitably Gonzalez” and also to raise some funds for the “Gonzalez Doble Zeta” organization.  Gene Gonzalez will recreate “Cocina Sulipena” [ old Sulipan cooking ] for his Gonzalez cousins.  Since “Cafe Ysabel” only has a seating capacity of 120 persons, attendance will be limited to 20 persons for the “Gonzalez de Baliuag” [ the Soledad Gonzalez -Mariano Gonzales, Jose Gonzalez – Francisca Carrillo, and Francisco Gonzalez – Maria Lloret branches of the clan ], and 90 persons for the “Gonzalez de Sulipan” [ the Joaquin Gonzalez – Florencia Sioco branch ], only ten descendants each for the ten Gonzalez – Sioco brothers Dr. Fernando, Dr. Jesus, Dr. Emilio, Atty. Augusto, Octavio [ died young; no issue ], Dr. Virgilio, Atty. Francisco Javier, Dr. Bienvenido, Dr. Joaquin, and Congressman Fausto.  So let this be an announcement to our cousins!!!)

This is the Philippines after all, where everyone is related!!!   😀   😀   😀

Stress and Distress