Comedy relief: Kiddie sensibility

I am often “blamed” by my lawyer brother and his foreign wife for the expensive tastes of their 6 year old daughter, who happens to be my “ahijada” goddaughter, as they jokingly insist that much of her behavior is directly attributable to me…  although, believe me, I have never done anything to encourage such extravagances, so unsuited to these times of economic uncertainty.  [ When I am in an occasional tightwad mode, I can “out-kuripot” Manila’s most notorious “conchudissimas” and “conchudissimos”…   😛   😛   😛  ]

Teacher:  “Tell the class what your favorite ‘baon’ is…”

Niece:  “Caviar.  The little black ones.”


Teacher:  “To dress simply is to dress nicely, class…”

Niece:  “Simple is boring, Ma’am.  More is more!!!  Lay it on!!!”


And she’s only 6 years old…  what will happen when she’s 18…  in her 20s or 30s when she’s married???


Although I will make sure it won’t happen to us…  it kinda reminds me of the extremely, superbly fashionable daughter of one of Manila’s extremely, superbly fashionable ladies.  Mommy accompanied her daughter to London for her tertiary studies in a very expensive institution.  Daughter told Mommy that while she already had several, really nice “Marchesa” and “Temperley” dresses for nights out, she needed “everyday clothes” for school.  Mommy said “Of course, hija…”

Daughter promptly brought Mommy to Chanel on Sloane street.   😛   😛   😛


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