Comedy Relief: Micromini, 23 July 1994

For the 80th birthday celebration of Dona Luz “Lucing” Sarmiento de Panlilio on 23 July 1994, her grandson Jo Panlilio staged a fabulous dinner dance catered by Via Mare and dance music by the Lady Valerie orchestra — completely in tune with the economic optimism of the Ramos presidency — at the very elegant PostWar family residence in Santa Mesa Heights…

The elegant, thick, engraved invitation specified “Formal”…

Dona Luz sat on an elegant English-style armchair in the foyer welcoming her family and friends.  Among the guests in the receiving line was one of the Kalaw-Villanueva sisters and her husband.  Her hair was dyed blonde and she was wearing a ruffled fuchsia pink silk top and a short, puffy, draped black silk skirt ala Christian Lacroix with black high heels to boot.  She looked very chic and utterly au courante for her advanced age.

“She’s dressed like Tita Nena [ Madrigal ]… but that’s not her is it?”  asked one guest as she craned her neck.

“No.”  replied her seatmate.

“My… if that’s her idea of long dress, what’s short?”  quipped a famous social wit.

Harharhar!!!   😛   😛   😛


  1. Josefina Dizon Wenko said,

    January 31, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    My mother, Corazon Hizon Dizon’s is the daughter of Ramon Singian Hizon & Maria Paras.
    Corazon has 8 daughters and a son, Jose Marcelino who died of leaukemia at the age of 2.

  2. Enrique Bustos said,

    December 10, 2009 at 4:35 am

    Mary Hernandez Prieto was born in San Francisco California U.S.A then Grew up In San Diego her mother is from United Mexican States commonly known as Mexico she was vacationing with some of her relatives in San Francisco when she met the Father of Mary she had one brother who was a young boy was taken away by the revolutionaries and had three sisters one of whom lived in nearby Tijuana Mexico She was a widow and had a son Mary’s half brother Jesus they were married in San Francisco in 1918

  3. larry leviste said,

    December 9, 2009 at 3:01 am

    CANDID CONVERSATIONS with the late and great Mary Prieto and Chona Kasten…

    Me: ” Mary, is it true you were born in Mexico ? ”

    Mary : ” Yes Larry, I was born in Mexico……… Mexico, Pampanga. ” ( in very American twang )

    Then later as we were joking about a very old man running for Vice President against Doy Laurel in the 80’s.

    Me: ” Oye, I heard that Tolentino is going to win. ”

    Chona : ” He IS the dark horse. ”

    Mary : ” I don’t mind a dark horse. But what are we going to do with a DEAD horse. ”

    Memories…..PRICELESS ! LOLZ!

  4. Enrique Bustos said,

    December 6, 2009 at 6:04 am

    My guess is Ev*lina Kalaw Katigbak later Pine*.

  5. Enrique Bustos said,

    December 6, 2009 at 3:11 am

    n 1933, Kapampangans held their grandest event ever, to celebrate the progressive stride made by Pampanga in the two previous decades. From 22 April to 6 May 1933, the Pampanga Carnival Fair and Exposition—“the greatest concourse of people on the island of Luzon”–was held at the Capitol grounds in San Fernando.

    The much-awaited selection of Miss Pampanga 1933 provided the climax of the fair. Pampanga’s leading muses, most from socially prominent families. First, each town had to select its own “Miss Municipality” to compete in the provincial pageant. Socio-civic and youth groups like Mountainside, Circulo Escenico, Kayanikan ning Kuliat and Aficionados Baculud helped in drawing up a beauty list from which the loveliest was chosen. Not unlike contemporary pageants marked by sourgraping and backstage dramas, the Miss Pampanga search had its share of controversies.

    First, the selection criteria was put in question. Following the Manila Carnival style of selection, Miss Pampanga was to be chosen based on newspaper ballots cast in her favor. A leading Kapampangan newspaper, “Ing Cabbling”, put out an editorial that cautioned using “social influence”, rather than physical beauty , as basis for judging. It even went as far as recommending an ideal mix of judges to make the selection truly impartial and objective, a panel to include a painter or sculptor, a poet, a high society lady, a professional and a respected elder from the province.

    Then there was the case of a town muse who, in the voting, was boycotted by her own town mates because of her perceived snobbishness and haughty demeanor. In one tabulation, she gathered zero votes. Despite these minor issues, the contestants had a great time as they were feted and paraded about in motorcades. In the end, it was the slim and svelte Miss San Fernando, Corazon Hizon who romped off with the title.

    The titled town beauties included the following:

    MISS ANGELES, Maria Agustina Pilar Nepomuceno. (b. 13 October 1911-d. 5 June 1995) Daughter of Gonzalo Mariano Nepomuceno and Gertrudes Ayson y Cunanan. Not much is remembered about her reign or the circumstances of her victory. Later married noted doctor, Conrado Manankil y Tison. They have 4 children, one of whom—Marieta Manankil (now Mercado)—continued the tradition of beauty in her family by becoming Miss Angeles 1955.
    MISS APALIT. Lina Espiritu
    MISS BACOLOR. Luz Sarmiento. (b. 23 July 1914 born to Laureano Sarmiento and Ines Lugue. Studied at the local St. Mary’s Academy, then attended Assumption Academy in neighboring San Fernando for her higher education. Became Pampanga’s entry to the 1934 Manila Carnival. After the contest, settled down as wife to Jose Gregorio Panlilio y Santos-Joven, in April 1934. An only child, Jesus Nazareno a year later. The couple made their home in their beloved Bacolor, where Luz propagated a lifelong devotion to Nuestra Sñra. del Rosario.
    MISS CANDABA. Marina Reyes
    MISS GUAGUA. Quintina Lapira
    MISS LUBAO. Cornelia Flores
    MISS MABALACAT, Pacita Sese. (b. 1916-d. 21 Aug. 2004) Daughter of the town treasurer, Andres Sese and Justina de Guzman. Graduate of Instituto de Mujeres. Married Mauro Feliciano of San Fernando.
    MISS MACABEBE. Paciencia Gomez
    MISS MAGALANG. Belen Gueco. Daughter of Lorenzo C. Gueco, a successful doctor, sugar planter, business man and PASUDECO stockholder and Elena Aquino. Her elder sister Paz was also a noted town beauty. Schooled at St. Paul’s Institute, Manila. She was an active and popular member of Rho Alpha and Nucleo Solteril. Her candidacy was supported by the Mountainside Club, headed by Jose Luciano, but pulled out of the provincial contest after some controversy. Nevertheless, she was feted house-to-house by her proud kabalens, who were rumored to have withdrawn their support for her. Later married Jose Tinsay.
    MISS MASANTOL. Maria Guinto. Later married Artemio Manansala with whom she had 7 children, mostly U.S. based. Died 1969 of cancer.
    MISS MEXICO. Candida Nuqui. A student of Sta. Rosa College in Manila when elected as town beauty.
    MISS MINALIN. Benita Mercado
    MISS SAN FERNANDO. Corazon Hizon (WINNER). Daughter Corazon Hizon of San Fernando, the daughter of Maria Paras and Jose Hizon. After her reign, the lovely Corazon, the toast of the Pampanga Carnival, married Marcelino Dizon also of San Fernando. They settled in the town they loved best and raised 9 children, all daughters—Monica, Maria Teresa, Maria Corazon, Lidia, Encarnacion, Concepcion, Maria Asuncion and Josefina. Monica’s daughter with Marcelino Enriquez, Maria Lourdes, continued the beauty tradition in the family by becoming Bb. Pilipinas- International 1987.
    MISS STA. RITA. Juana Amio
    MISS SESMOAN. Marta Pinlac

  6. Ipê Nazareno said,

    December 5, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    Ev*lina Kalaw-Pine*?

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