Comedy Relief: Erte Ball at the Villa Escudero I, August 1993

The cocktails of the Erte Ball were held at the 1930s “Big House” of the Villa Escudero, the ball itself was held inside the adjacent original Museum Building.

During the cocktails, Jo Panlilio greeted an old lady senator.  She inquired:  “Have you seen my daughter, hijo?  I’ve been looking for her the whole evening.”

“No, I haven’t, Ma’am.  If I do see her I’ll tell her you want to see her.”

“Thank you, hijo.  I thought I saw her earlier but she probably didn’t see me.  She has this new bob hairdo and is wearing a one-shoulder black dress.  Please tell her I’m looking for her, hijo.”

“I certainly will, Ma’am.”

Jo Panlilio had certainly seen someone with a bob hairdo and wearing a one-shoulder black top a few minutes before:  Louie Cruz!!!  Jo Panlilio bit his lip at the realization and moved through the gregarious crowd…

Poor Old Lady Senator.  She had mistaken Louie Cruz for her daughter.

Harharhar!!!   😛   😛   😛


1 Comment

  1. larry leviste said,

    December 15, 2009 at 8:59 pm

    WHENEVER my BFF Louie Cruz goes in FULL drag and wears THAT China Chop bob WIG, there are always comparisons………

    Said He: ” She resembles G*orgia Osmena. ”

    Said She: ” Louie kinda looks like Chin*bee Kalaw.”

    And I resound, ” More like the Whore of Babylon. ” LOLZ!

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