Karma for Cash


Believe me, in the 42 summers I have lived, I have seen enough of it to want to avoid it.  Despite that, I know it’s coming…  And it’s going to hit its exact targets, nothing more and nothing less.  The comforting thing is that I know, with absolute certainty, that it’s going to hit everyone else as well.  How much fun can that be???



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  1. November 16, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    INSTANT KARMA’S gonna get you said the Beatles with their song with the same title.

    What you sow, you reap and weep.

    But there is a way of lessening your karma, DO senseless acts of KINDNESS, give anonymously, rigorous honesty, comfort the sick, pay respects to the dying.

    Besides it is the belief, that the karma we are harvesting in this life is PAY BACK time for our previous life. That is the cycle of DHARMA.

    Sabi nga ng LOLA Mameng de Santos Pineda, “Sa buhay, walang hindi pag-babayaran.”

    TOTO: Worry not, when you turn golden at 50, the equations and rules of the game become more lax.

    It is called transcendence, evolution and WISDOM.

    Trust me, I have entered the Palace of Wisdom which was paved with a road of suffering.

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