Let us all remember that while the weather is sunny and warm in Manila, typhoon “Ramil” [ international code name:  “Lupit” ] is battering Northern Luzon and our already suffering Ilocano brothers.  It comes so soon after supertyphoon “Pepeng” [ international code name:  “Parma” ] battered and flooded Northern Luzon, inundating Pangasinan and causing landslides to isolate Baguio City and much of the Mountain Province.  The prices of vegetables from the North have skyrocketed, making these a luxury instead of a necessity on the family table.  If you can afford to “eat your veggies” these days, you’re rich.

AY, the travails of being in the “Typhoon Belt”!!!   😦   😦   😦

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  1. October 23, 2009 at 3:37 am

    We also belong to the volcano faultline called “The Ring of Fire.”

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