Filipino Business will support…

“LAHAT!!!  BIGYAN ANG LAHAT… PARA WALANG ANGAL!!!  Give everybody… so no one complains!!!”  declared Insouciant Heiress.

“LAHAT???!!!  All of them???  You can’t be serious…”

“I am.”

“Well, your dear cousin is running.  Is she included in LAHAT???”


“And what about you?”  I asked Powerful Lady, a force in Philippine Business.

“We have to get someone who is good for Business.  GMA is good for Philippine Business.  Somebody like her who knows his/her Economics…”

“Somebody like Manny?”

“Not quite.  We had difficulties with him and all those Camella Homes…”

“Somebody like Mar?”

“Maybe.  Now Mar really knows his Economics.  But he’s marrying Korina.  She’s not popular by the looks of it.  We have nothing against her.  But she might bring him down… you know the majority of voters.”

I turned to Irascible Industrialist.  “So if Danding supports Chiz, will you support him too?”

“Depends.  Hey, somebody will have to tell Chiz to go back to school.  He doesn’t make sense.  His figures don’t make sense.  Posturing at the podium ala JFK isn’t enough!”

“Why can’t he be more like Ralph?  Ralph went back to school and now he really knows his facts and figures.  Smart guy, that Ralph.  He’s got a brain!  Between him and Vilma, the presidency is a breath away.  I’d vote for Ralph anytime!”

“I agree with you about Ralph.”  interjected Powerful Lady.

“What about Gilbert?”

“That guy is great but the voters don’t know him.  He should have had more exposure these recent years.  It’s a pity his uncle Danding isn’t backing him.  Those Cojuangcos are divided:  Gilbert’s mother Ditas versus Danding.  Nikki’s beauty can be a real political asset, great for stupid voters, but those Cojuangcos have the darndest things to say about her…”

And I turned to Taipan.  I politely asked:  “Who will you support, sir?”  He smiled beatifically, as if he had not understood what I had asked.  “Who will you support for President next year, sir?”  He expertly turned the question around to me:  “Who will you support?”  “Does it matter who I will support, sir?”  He smiled and winked naughtily:  “Does it matter who I will support, my friend?”  “Of course, it matters, sir, very much!”  “To tell you the truth,” he whispered, “I will have to support everyone who asks, but I will give more to the one I know will win.”  “How do you know who will win, sir?”  “WE will make him win.  WE will make him win.”  And he smiled beatifically as if he had not spoken a word.  Like Buddha.

As for Toto Gonzalez, he will support himself.  Harharhar!   😛   😛   😛



  1. dtfuygikjnlm said,

    September 17, 2009 at 2:37 am

    Poor Noynoy. The weight of malacanang and of Danding’s might will push him down.

    Reminds me of that old battle long ago in Tarlac.

    Danding-now-Gibo versus Peping-now-Noynoy.

    Who tilted the scale?

    Ninoy in support for his new wife, Cory. He did it suave without disrespecting the Cojuangco-Murphys. The Cojuangco-Sumulongs just turned a blind eye. Whilst Ninoy earned the respect of Danding and kept the fragile peace at least for that time being….

    Danding’s respect for the Cojuangcos of Luisita was only there for 1.) his Tio Pepe the Man so Kind, 2.) Josephine Reyes who thinks with her head and not her heart and 3.) Ninoy who felt the pain of being disowed by the more senior branches (but poorer) Aquinos and who then saw this same sadness in the hearts of Mrs. Emilio Aguinaldo Suntay and the long suffering beauteous Dona Nene … How they abhorred Dna. Metring’s iron grip in the funds and lands owned by the entire family.

    And now. 4.) Kris Aquino. Mrs Oppen-C’s children, Mrs. Oppen herself and somewhat Danding himself— they all have a soft spot in the dreadfully honest but emphatic sister of Noynoy. I hope Kris can soften and heal the wounds inflicted against the agressive Ilocano Cojuangcos by the equally agressive elder Cojuangco-Sumulongs.

    The younger Cojuangcos from both sides are civil to each other. I hope Kris can use the popularity and honesty she enjoys to make all Cojuangcos realize that it’s time to be united again. It’s become a toll in everyone’s hearts. This pain.

    And to Danding, this election will be far more expensive if he pushes to rally Dita’s son to Malacanang. Too many politicians to pay.

    All revenge is sweet. But all revenge does not remove the tears. Only sincere apologies, genuine love and a unified decorum to respect can wipe those tears.

  2. larry leviste said,

    August 27, 2009 at 10:13 am

    WHO will NOT Win :
    1) Binay
    2) Bayani
    3) Loren
    4) Brother Eddie
    5) Governor Ed

    WHO might WIN:


  3. dtfuygikjnlm said,

    August 25, 2009 at 1:47 am

    Pac Man is segurista. He wants his rooster to win. He knows Gilbert is weak.
    But he needs to win to secure his haciendas and his businesses.

    It is not true that Ditas and her brother do not see eye to eye. They just do not agree with their strategies.

    That is why there is no clear oppositionist standard bearer. To win, you have to have a lot of players. Only by a slim margin a candidate will win Maharlika Hall.

    Enter the Lorelei Island owner, enter the Mira Nila resident, enter Salvador’s boy. By the urging of the Lourdes’s son, the Pink Lady’s husband has also joined the fray. All at the expense of various taipans and all at the bankroll of San Miguel. All of them do not have significant funds yet they have not conceded. They all have a price.

    The countess knows she might win by a slim margin. She does need money. She knows it is just a strategy.

    Judy’s son does not need money. The Aranetas and their consolidated branches have billions. But they do not have grass roots machinery. Fate has smiled on Judy’s son. The Cojuangco-Murphys are close to the elder Amado Aranetas. The Cojuangco-Sumulongs are Liberals and are close to the younger AND older Amado Aranetas. The Aranetas themselves are related to Bonget’s wife and the McKinley Road socialite’s husband.

    It is not a question of who will win the elections. It is a question of who will NOT win.

    And that is the fish vendor from the south of Manila, who masquerades as a Nacionalista. It is he whom San Miguel is not sure about.

  4. larry leviste said,

    August 24, 2009 at 8:34 am

    NIKKI and KORINA are understandably the COLORFUL FEMALES to watch in the elections next year.

    If only to gander at their GALL.

  5. Alexandra Laguda Sotto said,

    August 23, 2009 at 8:43 pm

    The taipans and big business wait for the elections results — -they will support the winner. They have been “burned” by supporting a candidate early on only to find out that they must dole out more money to the winning one. This is smart economics.

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