The Poor Rich and the Rich Poor

One hears the most interesting things during lunches and dinners…

One hears of all sorts of disasters happening to people who, with their substantial resources and influence, could easily avoid them.  One hears of hitherto impossible things.  From firsthand sources, no less.

One wonders what it’s all about… Is it called Karma or what…???

On the distaff side, I hear all sorts of happy, positive, and progressive things from people who do not have much, if they have anything at all.  And I am happy for them.

As they say in Manila nowadays:  “Ay Buhay, parang Life.”



  1. fatima153 said,

    June 23, 2009 at 5:49 am

    Toto, why not start a thread on Manila’s being chosen as the most courteous city in Asia in a new Reader’s Digest study. You could list the ranking of cities, list down their predominant religious beliefs beside each (this wouldn’t be bigotry). Because the Philippines is the only predominantly Christian country in Asia and Filipino graciousness is more Hispanic than Asian. New York reportedly topped this courteousness list, with Mumbai at the bottom and other Asian cities in the bottom ten.

    Foreigners say the younger Pinoys aren’t as polite as the older — could be the influence of American pop culture.

  2. larrylevi said,

    June 14, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    IT was my exit line in the funny 70’s play BOYS IN THE BAND,” Ay buhay parang Life Magazine.”

    Reality in this Republic is stranger than FICTION, everday the most vile and maliscious gossip is the accepted truth by lunchtime. Why because we chose to believe the worst case scenario. Because were crabby pessimists.

    Yes, and some people who are spared from karmic hubritic ruin float like angels to remind us, true love triumphs.

    I am happy to announce my favorite Tita Vicky Garchitorena is getting married next January. Love comes to those who don’t seek it, I have learned.
    And TRUE LOVE trumps all EVIL.

    Ay Pag-ibig, parang IBIG KO RIN.

    Hint …..

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