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  1. September 26, 2008 at 7:26 pm


    Sorry, but I am a LA SALLIAN in the greenest way imaginable, from prep to 4th year in GREENHILLS. Then I went to UCLA in Brentwood and studied Journalism. Today I write for the Inquirer.

    I confess only tuning in and turning on to the UAAP blood-sport since 5 years ago. I was styling the Ateneo, FEU, La Salle and UE players for a glossy mag. FEU Coach Banal ( they won that year ) asked me, ” You mean you never saw a La Salle Ateneo game ? ” From that moment on, I was hooked. Watching the game at the BIG Dome or at home with Mom and my nephews screaming all the way.

    As a fashion editor, I would like to say I prefer the short pants uniform of the Jaworski days. These long shorts NOW are good for BIG Afro-Americans not our lanky boys. Which they hoist up always or dry their sweaty hands on. It makes them look short and dorky.

    The CENTRAL committee should SERIOUSLY amend this, IT WILL jack up ratings and attendance and PRESTIGE.Then they can be in the COSMOPOLITAN Bachelor fashion shows and become true celebrities. Short shorts make the baketball man look BALLSY. WINK WINK LOLZ

  2. zippo said,

    September 14, 2008 at 11:41 am

    It has happened.

    If there is one thing in Philippine society (apart from elections) which can tear families and friendships apart, it is the debate on which is a better school: La Salle or Ateneo.

    This afternoon, the semi-final games of the premier collegiate league in the Philippines were held. As expected La Salle beat FEU while Ateneo clobbered UE.

    This means it’s going to be La Salle vs. Ateneo in a 3-game final series.

    I have known the best of friends, business partners, and even siblings refusing to speak to each other because of this basketball rivalry.

    People I have seen during games: (i) George Araneta sitting on the La Salle side while his nephew Mar Roxas sat on the Ateneo side; (ii) Gabby Lopez and sister Gina on the Ateneo side while cousin Beaver cheers for La Salle; (iii) the Eduardo Cojuangco descendants on the La Salle side and the Jose Cojuangco descendants on the Ateneo side; (iv) Bongbong Marcos on the La Salle side while sister Aimee and brother-in-law Greggy Araneta cheer for Ateneo; (v) 1st cousins Tonyboy Cojuangco and Bambi Cojuangco Rivilla cheering for Ateneo with the younger Cojuangco-Rivillas cheering for La Salle; (vi) the Sys cheering for La Salle while the Gokongweis for Ateneo (except for son-in-law Perry Pe who cheers for La salle); (vii) the Concepcions, Del Rosarios, and Razons for La Salle with the Escalers and Jacintos for Ateneo.

    My ex-wife and I sit on different sides of the coloseum.

    As for my family, majority cheer for La Salle. My late dad, my brother, and I went to BOTH schools although we all cheer for La Salle. So do my uncles but 1 of my 1st cousins who went to and was valedictorian of La Salle (grade school and high school) chose to go to Ateneo after high school. There was another cousin who became a star player for the Ateneo football team while another cousin was a star player for the Ateneo basketball team.

    This basketball series will be the main topic of discussion from boardrooms to restaurants to family dining tables for the next 2 weeks.

    Z 🙂

    P.S. Toto, I know our families have the same loyalties.

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