A lady whom we will call Ate Bining was coming back to the Philippines after 20 long and difficult years in the United States.  Day and Night, She slaved to eke out a living, doing Everything and Anything to earn Money.

Excited as She was, Ate Bining bought all the Fall clothes on sale that she could because She knew that these would be much appreciated by her family back in the Philippines.

But at the LAX Los Angeles International Airport, She was told at the Northwest Airlines counter that her baggage was grossly overweight.  An Economy Class passenger is only allowed two baggages weighing 70 lbs. each totaling 140 lbs..  Ate Bining had two baggages weighing 120 lbs. each totaling 240 lbs..  The staff at the airline counter told her to remove some of the things — 100 lbs. exactly — so that She could check-in her baggage. 

Ate Bining was not fazed.  She opened her luggage and removed the many clothes she had bought so that She could meet the weight requirement of her Economy Class ticket. 

And so there was a pile of Fall clothes in front of the airline counter.

Ate Bining thought of all her relatives in the Philippines and the Fall clothes on sale that She had bought for them…  And then She realized that while there was a baggage weight requirement, there didn’t seem to be a weight requirement for passengers … ???!!!

Slowly, Ate Bining started putting on the Fall clothes that were piled on the floor.  One after the other in fluid succession.  Until She had worn all of them.

She was as big as “Santa Claus”!!!  But She didn’t care.  All She thought of were her family in Manila.

 And that is how Ate Bining rode on the flight all the way to Manila…!!!

Truly, the Filipino is unbeatable!!!





  1. rob said,

    August 22, 2009 at 11:44 am

    i did that wen i was going back to manila .and going back abroad the bad thing was may pants fell till my knee’s i forgot i could have worn more shirts instead but really i think any smart person would do that ,like putting the heavy small stuff in the hand carry ever since they dont weight it

  2. simone said,

    August 12, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    Wow, Filipino’s indeed. My grandmom did just that when she came from Holland. She did not even care if people are staring at at her. We Filipino’s love to spoil our relatives, that is so proven than OCW’s work so hard just to send balikbayan boxes that contains some goods that are sold here too. Funny but true.

  3. dalokkanon said,

    October 6, 2007 at 12:56 am

    Toto, I try not to open your blog too often so I can be pleasantly surprised IF and WHEN you have new stuff. The world you live(d) in is amusingly and deliciously decadent and reminiscent of glorious day pre-martial law and martial law days… I can only dream. Not fortunate enough to have lived and mingled in your circle… So I truly enjoy your stories and those of your small, but growing entourage — esp. those of your cousins.

    Funny about Ate Bining, but I subjected my Mom to this also when she went to L.A. and we didn’t have enough luggage allowance — so she wore two pairs of pant suits, three blouses, a jacket and pockets full of “stuff,” this was pre-liquid ban days. My poor mother, petite, so demure and such a lady, but a very determined one: to bring home the “pasalubongs,” subjected to a mere walking suitcase! We laughed our heads off though.

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