Vanished Worlds

One quiet Sunday afternoon, while enjoying my garden — ablaze with pellucid sunlight — and memories of Lola Charing’s rose garden flooding my memory, it just occurred to me that the world I knew as a child had, indeed, completely disappeared.  Yes, by all appearances, and only by appearances, Life seems to have continued as always.  I am thankful that my immediate family has been largely spared of the cataclysmic changes — often financial — which have affected the other branches of our family and those of others as well.  Not that All is Sweetness and Light between us siblings; on the contrary, It is mostly Angst and Distrust, but at least it is tolerable and we have a functioning rapprochement.  It really is so different now.  And if I am to predict the future based on the recent past, it will be even more different.  Not that Change, specially for the better, is bad, but One does rue the vicissitudes of time, the passing of the seasons: the departures of loved ones, the transfers of dwellings, the changes in routines, the losses of familiar objects, and everything else…




  1. Comtesse Aurelie said,

    September 17, 2007 at 4:03 pm

    Snub of the Old Regime? Are you a turncoat? Were you not admonishing “Garganta” in another thread? And now you are relishing what is clearly a put-down of the Marcos Era ways and non-manners? What gives, fthbfgb?

    And speaking of “Vanished Worlds,” what happened to the “Luggage” thread, Toto? It just seems to have… Vanished!!!

  2. fthbfgb said,

    September 4, 2007 at 8:28 pm

    I love it. The snub of the Old Regime.

  3. Comtesse Aurelie, the Madwoman of Chaillot said,

    September 4, 2007 at 12:55 pm

    Mais oui, cher Toto. The more things change, the more they return the same. The arrogant, brazen, churlish posts I can imagine are only from those benefiting the looters. Really sad. They make life more unpleasant.

    Anyway, you have other more sensible company in “zippo” and “Garganta Inflamada.” At least, they are voices of conscience and conviction and are not afraid to say it. As for the churlish ones who have no “delicadeza” and even wave their ill-gotten, profligate lifestyle in front of the more discreet, subtle posters, they are a pill and a bane. Like, is there any way to retract the invitations — except they gatecrashed anyway, as is their style.

    To deal with them, if they come on Tuesdays, speak to them in classical French, as I do to my dogs. Maybe the “pendejos” will gain a little polish and decency. Maybe. Then try German on Wednesdays. If not, just discard them. They have nothing substantial to contribute anyway.

    Comtesse Aurelie a votre service!

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