More zeroes

It was a beautiful, stylish wedding years ago… The Family was at the height of its fortunes, and everything was just perfect…

The young bride was radiant in a “simply spectacular and spectacularly simple” Inno Sotto gown.  The equally young groom was handsome and dressed in a bespoke suit from Savile Row.  The ceremony was at the Santuario de San Antonio [ where else? ].  The reception was at the [ bride’s ] grandmother’s vast establishment in Forbes Park.  The caterers were the Mandarin Oriental and the Hotel Intercontinental.  The wedding cake was by the famed Heny Sison.  The flowers were by the expensive Mabolo.  The music was performed by an entire symphony orchestra.  At 10:00 p.m., three very hip bands alternated in entertaining the guests.    

The young, sleek, and very chic aunt, rebelliously dressed in Miuccia Prada when her sisters had decided to wear Vera Wang, sauntered over in her Jimmy Choos with her flute of Dom Perignon and surveyed the scene… She smiled wryly and declared:  “You’ll see… it won’t last…”


She shrugged and smiled diabolically:  “She’s used to more zeroes, you know.”

USD $ X,000,000,000.00/xx…

A knowing silence.  It was an insinuation that the groom, despite appearances, simply did not have the financial capacity to maintain his bride in the high style that she was accustomed…

By that time, She had already separated from her husband, a scion of prominent families, because “She’s used to more zeroes, you know”…  Her formidable mother had fully disapproved of her marriage in the first place.  She had fallen in love with a gentleman of impeccable lineage, but her mother wanted a man with wealth of international proportions.  The mother had attended her wedding dressed in black silk and large black pearls to emphasize her sheer displeasure.  The mother was stone cold:  “I have sent you children to the best schools in Europe and in the United States.  I have provided you with all the luxuries in life.  I have made sure that you will always have a lot of money.  The least you can do is to ‘park it where it matters’!!!”

She had finally settled into a more interesting relationship with a maverick industrialist abroad.

Years ago, a sister had married the heir of a European fortune and that had pleased her mother enormously.  But that marriage had fallen apart.  Certainly not because of “She’s used to more zeroes, you know.”  In fact, there had been a lot of “zeroes” in that marriage:  there was much more than they could use.  Unfortunately, there had been irreconcilable cultural differences.   

True enough, in just three years, the very chic aunt’s inebriated prophecy came to pass…

A few years later, another sister of the very chic aunt also separated from her husband.  She had suffered for years but had carried herself so well that no one knew.

So we wondered…

“She’s used to more zeroes, you know.” 




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