Mary, not quite contrary

In Director Peque Gallaga’s magnum opus “Oro, Plata, Mata” there is the sassy female character of Dr. Josefina “Jo” Russell played by Maya / Mitch Valdes.  She is a Filipina doctor married to an American.  She is a sexually liberated woman who is in total contrast to the the conservative and soignee characters played by Liza Lorena and Fides Cuyugan-Asencio, and even to the loud-mouthed but traditional Lorlie Villanueva. 

When She is asked how she copes with her sexual needs, Jo Russell replies:  “Pag may nangangailangan, may nagrarasyon.”  [ “When Someone needs, Someone provides.” ]

When the bandit is about to rape the young lady played by Cherie Gil, she motions to him and says:  “Kung ano man iyon, Ako na lang.”  [ “Whatever it is [ you need ], I’ll be The One.” ]


If you think that Filipina Women’s Liberation came after The War, think again.

Brother Andrew liked to affectionately recall Tia Mary — an older first cousin of his mother’s — and her odd habits…

Barrio Sulipan, Apalit, Pampanga from the 1920s to the 1940s…   

Tia Mary was a sassy woman.  She was not beautiful, but she had “It.”

Because Barrio Sulipan was like “Peyton Place,” where they were all having affairs with each other, her cousins whispered that she had had an affair with her Tio Quico, a married first cousin of her father’s, whom everyone jokingly referred to as “Quicong Buraqui.”  Perhaps they found each other interesting.

Tia Mary had the highly peculiar habit of sauntering over to a man She knew and mashing his crotch playfully.  She did this openly whether the family gathering was big or small. The ladies were horrified, the men were embarrassed, but the children all laughed and laughed, the young Macarito [ the future Brother Andrew ] among them.      

She particularly liked mashing the crotch of Tio Ariong’s chauffeur, “Pilicio,” because he had a big package.  “Pilicio” seemed to be of Indian descent, as evinced by his tall frame, swarthy complexion, and handsome Caucasoid features.

Actually, She liked to mash the crotches of all the younger men she was familiar with…

It was not known whether She went any further… but it was highly unlikely.

She never married.

She was the first literal “ballbreaker.”

Tia Mary predated the Sexual Revolution.

What a woman!!! 

Mary, Mary, not quite contrary…!!!


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