Dense decoration in PreWar

One Saturday afternoon, I was chatting with one of my favorite people, the very intelligent and very chic senior lady Tita Beatriz “Betty” Favis de Gonzalez [ married to Beda Juan Gonzalez of Zambales;  not related to her maternal “Gonzalez de Pangasinan” ].  Her mother, Dona Ramona “Monay” Gonzalez de Favis [ married to Don Asterio Favis { Sr. } of Vigan, Ilocos Sur ], was a daughter of the very rich Don Francisco “Balbas” Gonzalez of Bayambang and Bautista, Pangasinan.  Her widowed mother Dona Monay transferred their family to Manila in the 1920s and they lived in a fine house on Carolina Street in the Malate district, where the affluent members of Manila Society lived then.  Because they were very rich, Tita Betty, her sisters Tita Teresa [ Teresa Favis de Olbes ] and Tita Cecing [ Cecilia Favis de Gomez ], and their brother Tito Astering [ Asterio Favis y Gonzalez ] were invited to all the elegant parties in all the beautiful houses.

I was [ and still am ] very interested in those beautiful houses of Old Manila… 

I asked her:  “Tita Betty, Don Felipe Hidalgo lived on R. Hidalgo Street [ formerly Calle San Sebastian ] across from San Sebastian Church.  He had sooooo many things!!!  It was so Victorian!!!  Wasn’t that unusual for those days???”  The truth of the matter was that I admired Don Felipe Hidalgo The Omnivorous Collector immensely… 

“That was the ‘moda’ then!!!  If you were rich you had a lot of things!!!”  Tita Betty snapped.

Touche.  *smiles*



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