“muy agarrada”

I had “merienda” with a dear friend, A senior Spanish mestiza lady, yesterday.  Among her many memories were several comical ones…

Her pretty niece had been married after The War.  One of the principal sponsors had been one of the very richest and most respected senior ladies of the Spanish mestizo community in Manila. 

Because it was the wedding of two prominent families, the gifts to the couple were suitably splendid:  English sterling silver, French and English china, French crystal, Chantilly, Venetian, and Brussels lace, and other costly items.

Everyone held their breath when the gift of the very rich senior Spanish mestiza lady was opened…

Lo and behold!

It was an unspeakably common “Thermos” hot water bottle.   Red cover and black body.  Old stock.  From Divisoria.

Everybody burst out laughing!!!

But they shouldn’t have been surprised.  Incredibly rich as she was, the senior Spanish mestiza lady was reputed to be “muy agarrada.”

That is why her family is still very rich to this day!!!   🙂




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  1. January 27, 2007 at 10:39 pm

    Who is this. Very curious. More clues please. The Preysl*rs?

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