Familia Quiason de Santo Rosario, San Fernando, Pampanga

Cirilo Quiason y Cunanan ( o 1842 ) had two brothers and a sister, and they lived in Barrio Santo Rosario, San Fernando town, Pampanga.

The Quiasons were a Chinese ” mestizo ” family from San Fernando. The Cunanans were an old, landed family from Mexico, Pampanga. [ The large house ( bahay-na-bato/ mansion ) of Cirilo stood on what is now the grand 1920s residence of the wealthy Lazatin y Singian family, in front of Essel Supermarket. The Cunanan ancestral house ( bahay-na-bato/ mansion ) was to the left of the Mexico Church. It was built in what the scholars call the ” Geometric Style, ” although it featured the characteristics of late 18th / early 19th century houses. It was low, squat, and elongated, with a thatch roof: a grand ” bahay kubo ” ( a grand hut ). It was demolished in the early 1970s and the site is now occupied by the Methodist Church. ]

Cirilo Quiason y Cunanan ( o 1842 ) married Ceferina Henson y David ( o 1847 ). The Hensons were an old, Chinese ” mestizo ” family ( Eng Son ) from Barrio Culiat, San Fernando ( the present Angeles City ) but originally from Masicu town (Mexico), and the Davids were an old, landed family from Guagua, Pampanga. Cirilo and Ceferina had 9 children: Pedro, Aureo ( Aure ), Jose ( Yayang ), Ceferino (Parino), Rosario (Charing), Catalina (Tali), Maria, Cesario (Sariong), and Emilio (Miliong).Pedro died as a child; Aureo married Florentina Gueco y _____; Jose married Marcela Aguilar y Valdes; Ceferino married Maria Lacson y _____; Rosario married Gemiliano Cruz y _____; Catalina married Carmelito del Rosario y _____; Maria married Francisco Ferraz y _____; Cesario married Gabina Cruz y Paras; and Emilio married Gabina’s sister Joaquina Cruz y Paras.

In 1875, the prosperity of Cirilo Quiason was manifested in his commission of a nearly life-sized family portrait from Simon Flores y de la Rosa, the renowned portraitist of the time. The handsome Cirilo was 33 years old and his beautiful wife Ceferina was 28 years old. Simon Flores charged an exorbitant 50 pesos in gold coins per head, and the portrait cost 200 pesos, a fortune in 1875, because it showed Cirilo standing, Ceferina sitting holding her son Jose, with her elder son Aureo standing beside her. The family only had sittings for Simon to draw their faces. The artist brought their clothes home to render them in minute detail, and weeks later they were shown the finished portrait.

Their eldest son Pedro had already passed away by the time they commissioned their portrait.

Cirilo’s two brothers also had family portraits painted by Simon Flores y de la Rosa. One brother included his mother-in-law in the portrait. The other one seemed unfinished.[ This explains the existence of three Quiason family portraits: two ( the one of Cirilo and the unfinished one ) in the Central Bank Collection and one ( the one with the mother-in-law ) in the Arch. Leandro V. Locsin Collection. ] All three hung in Quiason houses in San Fernando up to the early 1900s.

In the last years of the Spanish Regime, around 1895, Apung Ilong ( Don Cirilo ) had a confrontation with the ” cura parroco ” ( parish priest ), who had taken a liking to his younger daughter, Charing. Expectedly, he was accused of sedition, tortured, and died in the process.

The beautiful Ceferina, only 48 years old, was left an affluent widow by her industrious and prosperous husband. She inherited many parcels of agricultural land, planted to sugar and rice, in San Fernando and Guagua. She also had commercial properties in both towns.

She was a very kind woman, and this was to be her downfall. She continuously lent money and property to needy relatives whose ventures failed or were unscrupulous enough to ignore their obligations to her. Slowly, the widow and her family slid into penury. She returned to Barrio Culiat and moved into a modest house across her Henson grandparents.

Impung Bari ( Ceferina Henson, viuda de Quiason ) remained a beautiful woman, with glowing, fair skin that was washed in Chinese jasmine tea everyday. In 1936, she died at the age of 89 in the house of her son, Quiason y Henson, on O’ Donnell Street, Santa Cruz, Manila.



Jose Quiason y Henson ( Yayang ) married Marcela Aguilar y Valdes ( Celang ), also of Angeles, in 1900. They had five children: Paz, Serafin, Pamela, Lydia, and Rogerio. Unfortunately, Celang died young in 191_.

Marcela Aguilar y Valdes was a first cousin — on the Aguilar side — of Gen. Servillano Aquino, father of Benigno Aquino Sr., and grandfather of National Hero Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.

Paz married Emilio Reyes y Pangan of Arayat, Pampanga; Serafin married Teofista Danganan y Henson of Angeles, Pampanga; Pamela married Benjamin Cruz y Espiritu of San Simon, Pampanga; Lydia married Jose Yap y Lao of Bacolor, Pampanga; and Rogerio married Diana Flandes y ______ of Samar.

Paz Quiason y Aguilar married Emilio Reyes y Pangan of Arayat in 1923. They had nine children: Jose (o 1924), Emilio (o 1926), Felicisima Lourdes (1928), Eufracio (o 1930), Generosa (o 1931), Eliodoro (o 1932), Pilar (o 1933), Maria Martha (o 1936), and Esperanza (o 1938).

Jose died as an infant; Emilio married Ophelia Santiago y _____; Felicisima Lourdes remained single; Eufracio married Alice Maceren y Aranas; Generosa married Francisco Dimacale y _____, then Marlen Shaw; Eliodoro died as an infant; Pilar married Augusto Beda Gonzalez y Arnedo; Maria Martha married John Davies Horrigan; and Esperanza married Valentin Castelo y Ballesteros.

Serafin Quiason y Aguilar married Teofista Danganan y Henson, also of Angeles, in 19__. They had two sons: Camilo and Serafin Jr.

Camilo married Fely Imamura y del Rosario. Serafin Jr. married Sonia _____. Camilo went on to become a prominent corporate lawyer and later, a Justice of the Supreme Court. Serafin became the longtime Director of the National Historical Institute and a respected historian.

Pamela Quiason y Aguilar married Benjamin Cruz y Espiritu of San Simon, Pampanga in 19__. They had four sons: Eddie, Jaime, Benjamin Jr., and Jesus.

Eddie remained single; Jaime married _____ ______ y ______; Benjamin Jr. married Mercy Velasco y ______; Jesus remained single.

Lydia Quiason y Aguilar married Jose Yap y Lao of Bacolor, Pampanga in 19__. They had __ children: Edgardo, Nene, Manuel, Jose Jr., Angelita, and Chot.

Edgardo married Flor Callanta y _____; Nene; Manuel married Erlinda Timbol y _____; Jose Jr. married Erlinda de Mesa y _____; Angelita married Juan Ledesma y ______; and Chot married ______ ______ y ______.

Rogerio Quiason y Aguilar and Diana Flandes y _____ had no children.



  1. Alison Kristy Dimacale said,

    March 8, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    My name is Alison Kristy Dimacale, daughter of Delmar who is son of Carlos. I would like to know if you know anything of my surname.

  2. Dr.Taddy Buyson Gonzales said,

    August 18, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    I remember the Q Bake infront of Sto. Domingo church. The three sisters were cabalens of my mom. Everytime we would be there they would talk endlessly in Capampangan while we would be given some pastries to taste.
    We always ordered ensaymadas from them for regalos on Christmas. That and the Hizon’s Bakeshop ensaymadas were the favored ones.
    The lady owner of Hizon’s revealed that the recipe of their famous ensaymadas was from Dona Auring Ocampo Escaler. And they learned cooking from her too.

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