Pilar, the family heroine

“dux femina facti”

— Virgil

[ “a woman was the leader of the exploit” ]

Pilar Quiason Reyes-Gonzalez.

An exceptionally hardworking woman.

She painstakingly built many cornerstones on which to build the new futures of our generation and the ones to come.


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  1. sardonicnell said,

    June 26, 2007 at 7:22 pm

    an amazing woman she must be. i’ve been going loco trying to trace my family’s lineage. i myself carry the last name “reyes” and became very interested about ms. pilar, maybe she’s related to our family. it’s frustrating because i know very little about my roots. if only i was born earlier in life. though i know that my late grandfather, don pablo quentin reyes y paredes was from orani, bataan. he grew up in binondo, manila. a street was also named later after my great great grandfather. on the other hand, my grandmother, dona regina academia reyes y bautista grew up in old tondo. after marriage, they then established a business and decided to reside in kamuning. it’s said that the “academia-bautista” were old folks of tondo, manila. i also know that that “bautista” side of our family are related to the political revilla clan of cavite.

    oh my, please forgive my long comment. just thought that maybe ms. pilar and my side of the family are related. but only God knows, i guess.

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