“Munsayac Resort” was 1970s Talayan Village chic

Tita Josefina “Chang” Reyes Berenguer [ Tita Ched’s elder sister ] was married to Tito [ Col.]  Flaviano “Fabing” Munsayac and they had this party central of a house in Talayan Village from the 1960s to the 70s…  The centerpiece was a detached pool area with a pavilion, changing rooms, and a smaller pavilion with a billiard table.  It actually had a sign in wrought iron that read:  “Munsayac Resort.”   

What I liked about those second cousins of ours was that they lived absolutely in their time!!!  They were absolutely 1970s Chic:  big Afro hair, open chests, “Peace” medallions, big buckles, tight-crotched low-waisted bell bottoms, square toe shoes, “Peasant” dresses, gypsy earrings, plunging necklines, Famolare, and all!!!  They did not look back, nor did they look to the future.  They lived for The Now!!!  When I look back now, they truly epitomized their time, not only in their fashions, their pastimes, but even their attitudes and mindsets as well!!!   🙂 



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  1. Peter said,

    January 6, 2007 at 12:17 am

    Got to love your brother. Happy New Year all. Take Care.

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