Familia Reyes de Paralaya, Arayat, Pampanga

The Reyes family of Arayat was originally from nearby Candaba, Pampanga.

Lino Cardenas y Reyes was a peninsular Spaniard who married Raymunda Soriano, daughter of a wealthy Malabon family. The couple transferred to Arayat, Pampanga. They had 5 children: Bonifacia ( Pacia ), Milagros (Milagring), Jose (Pepe), Eriberto ( Belto ), and Ponciano ( Ponceng ).

Incung Lino ( Lino Cardenas y Reyes ) was a talented businessman. He engaged in agriculture and acquired tracts of land in the towns of Arayat, Candaba, Santa Ana, and Magalang. The entire barrios of San Nicolas and Candating in Arayat were among them.

The Reyes y Soriano children grew up in affluence. In true feudal fashion, they were unkind to the servants.  Ponciano was known to strike with bamboo slats the hands of a servant whose fingers so much touched the surface of the plate he was serving.

The Reyes y Soriano house was appropriately furnished with elegant hardwood furniture: round tables, caned settees, a segmented dining table, sideboards and tall cabinets. It also had French crystal lamps and gasoliers.

Incung Lino died on _______ __, 1895.

Bonifacia first married _____ _____ y _____. She was widowed. She then married Salvador Alcala y _______.  Milagros married Juan Evangelista y Alonso. Jose married Ursula Linares y Reyes.  Eriberto ( Incung Belto ) married Maria Pangan y Dizon ( Impung Bang ).  Ponciano married Julia del Rosario y _______.

As was popular with the gentry of those days, Impung Munda ( Raymunda Soriano viuda de Lino Reyes ) and her children, especially the sons, were also given to gambling. As time went by, their property titles found their way to the ” monte ” and ” pangguingue ” tables. Thus began the road to penury.


Apung Belto ( Eriberto Reyes y Soriano ) and Impung Bang ( Maria Pangan y Dizon ) had three children: Emilio, Simplicia, and Benito.

Emilio married Paz Quiason y Aguilar of Angeles, Pampanga. Simplicia married Adolfo Berenguer y Linares [ son of Jose Berenguer y Flores and Simona Linares y Reyes ], also of Arayat. Benito married Leona Melo y _____, also of the same town.

Miling ( Emilio Reyes y Pangan ) and Pacing ( Paz Quiason y Aguilar ) had seven children: Emilio Jr. ( Jun ), Felicisima ( Sis ), Eufracio ( Fras ), Generosa ( Rose ), Pilar ( Pil ), Martha ( Tita ), and Esperanza ( Gueng ).

Piciang ( Simplicia Reyes y Pangan ) and _______ ( Adolfo Berenguer y Linares ) had four children, all girls: Paquita ( Paquing ), Josefina ( Chang ), Blandina ( Blanding ), and Mercedes ( Ched ).

Bito ( Benito Reyes y Pangan ) and Loleng ( Leona Melo y _______ ) had three children: Eriberto, Antonio, and Aurora.

Emilio Reyes y Quiason ( Jr. ) ( o March 3, 1926 ) married Ofelia Santiago y _______. They have four children: Raul, Rachel, Roxanne, and Roman.

Felicisima Reyes y Quiason ( o August , 1928 ) is single.

Eufracio Reyes y Quiason ( o January 14, 1930 – + 01 September 2011 ) married Alice Maceren y Aranas and they have one daughter: Geraldine.

Generosa Reyes y Quiason ( o July 1931 ) married Francisco Dimacale y _______ and they have one son: Daniel. She later married Marlen Shaw.

Pilar Reyes y Quiason ( o October 12, 1933 – + 05 September 2002 ) married Augusto Beda Gonzalez y Arnedo ( o May 27, 1932 – + August 8, 1990 ). They have four children: Eugenio ( o December 25, 1958 ), Augusto III ( o January 2, 1967 ), Adolfo ( o August 29, 1969 ), and Rosario ( o March 21, 1971 ).

Martha Reyes y Quiason ( o January 19, 1935 ) married John Davies Horrigan. They have four children, all boys: Paul ( o April 1967 ), William ( April 1968 ), Edward ( August 1969 ), and Robert ( May 1971 ).

Esperanza Reyes y Quiason ( o April ) married Valentin Castelo y Ballesteros. They have five children: Valentin Jr., Valerie, Valmarie, Valdoni, and Valeska. She later married Neil Richards.

Paquita Berenguer y Reyes ( o ) is single.

Josefina Berenguer y Reyes ( o ) married Col. Flaviano Munsayac y Vinuya of Cabiao, Nueva Ecija.

Blandina Berenguer y Reyes ( o ) married Ruperto Roque y _______.

Mercedes Berenguer y Reyes ( o ) married Arch. Hector Topacio y _______.

Eriberto Reyes y Melo ( o ) married Flossie _______.

Antonio Reyes y Melo ( o ) married _______ _______.

Aurora Reyes y Melo ( o ) married _______ del Rosario y _______. They have _______ children: . She later married Fred Schenck.



  1. Frank L. Greco said,

    October 19, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    Martha, Jack, Paul, William, Edward, or Robert, please contact me at the above email address or at 16341 Dublin Circle Apt. 205, Fort Myers , FL 33908-3234 Phone 239 466 0633 .

  2. DonCortez said,

    July 9, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    My late grand parents wereTeofilo Velasquez and Rafaela Leandicho, I remember my lola told me about our Dizon family relatives from Arayat my birth place too.

  3. pat urbantke said,

    January 9, 2008 at 6:44 am

    My mother, Josefina Leuterio Ruiz, mentioned the names Tio Benito, Tia Auring, Alcala, Berenguer quite frequently when we were growing up. Josefina’s father was Vicente Leuterio. Vicente’s mother was Gregoria Leuterio. We were told that ( Vicente Leuterio ) was the son of a Spanish friar. Vicente Leuterio married Rosario Alcala. The children of Vicente Leuterio and Rosario Alcala were Purita, Catalina, Leticia, Antonio and Josefina. I’m one of the daughters of Josefina Leuterio Ruiz.

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