The Addams family, Gonzalez style

I really miss those parties, those family reunions, at my Lola Charing’s home…

A few weeks ago, I was reminiscing with my dear Tita Leonie [ Leonida Gala-Gonzalez, the only surviving sister-in-law ] in her Paranaque house about those times and I whimsically compared our Gonzalez family then to “The Addams Family”:  We certainly had a Gomez Alonzo Addams, a Morticia Frump Addams, a Wednesday, a Pugsley, a Grandmama, Cousin “It,” and Lurch… bwahahah!!!   😛

The Apalit relations were a dotty but amusing bunch…

There were these fat cousins who could eat everybody “out of house and home”…   😛

And then there were these cousins with physical defects who looked straight out of cartoons…

Of course, we had these cousins with mental defects, an aristocratic trademark of the family because of its several intermarriages…

There was this handsome uncle, almost beautiful, who was relentlessly pursued by the gay heir of a southern sugar fortune…

We had a beautiful aunt who had married a superrich heir of a sugar fortune, who forcibly married all her children only to the most “buena” of the “de buena familia” [ meaning:  richest of the rich 😛 ].  That was well and good…then.  The uberexciting, “telenovela”-like consequences came years later!!!   😛

An uncle, who really liked Caucasian women very much, journeyed to faraway Brazil and married a pretty blonde of Italian descent.  To the family’s surprise, the hitherto laidback uncle actually prospered in his new country and lived in seigneurial style that outdid the Pampanga and Manila relatives.  He left very considerable real estate holdings to his family.

There was once a handsome and affectionate uncle who was smitten with a popular society girl from Laguna.  He gave her lavish gifts, treated her family generously as if they were his own, and even sent her to postgraduate school in the United States.  However, he got the “Zen moment” of his life when she left him for a richer suitor from a distinguished Manila family who, tragicomically enough, became more interested in her dresses and make-up than she was!!!  Bwahahah!!!  Our pitiful cousin fell into a deep depression and died…

Whoa, there was this inordinately handsome uncle with killer sex appeal who managed to sire some 36 children with some 20 women from Aparri to Jolo…!!!

And then there was this nunnish but quietly alluring aunt who had 7 children by 7 different men…

We could not forget a rich, eccentric uncle who only wore shorts even to formal occasions like weddings…   😛

Amazing:  And then there was this accomplished and distinguished uncle who, according to his closest male cousins, had actually bedded some of Manila’s most beautiful and most elegant ladies…

We had these relatives we did not know… otherworldly creatures who rode in expensive new cars, lived in huge new houses, owned big factories, traveled often, socialized abroad, wore fabulous jewelry, real designer clothes, etc. etc. etc..

It was certainly an amusing point in time!!! I miss it!!!  And how!!!

And while we did resemble “The Addams family” with all their eccentricities in the 1970s, we slowly began to resemble “The Simpsons” with their refreshing naivete in the 1990s.  And as of late, I have begun to notice with great amusement that the new crop of children may just be our version of the controversial “South Park”…!!!   😛   😛   😛



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